About Us

About Weinlaeder Seed Company

Our story goes all the back to the year 1889, when the Weinlaeder family made the journey west to homestead in Walsh County North Dakota.

They transitioned from farming to a seed company back in 1975, which Arnet and Roger Weinlaeder founded. Since then, Weinlaeder Seed Company has continually grown beyond serving local farmers to a contract seed production and conditioning company. We have adapted to the new dynamic changes in the agricultural industry.

Our company not only offers conditioning and treatment for a variety of seeds, we also handle packaging and repacking services. We continue to use cutting-edge seed technology that provides you with the best seed services available.

Even though we’ve grown from the original homesteading family, the quality and personal touch is still our work. We work tirelessly to make sure all seeds are treated with the utmost quality from start to finish.


ISO 9001:2015

Mission Statement

Weinlaeder Seed Company was established in 1975 by Arnet and Roger Weinlaeder and has been serving customers for over 40 years. Weinlaeder Seed has continually diversified its business to adapt to the changes in the seed industry. Our Goal is to ensure that our customers are continually satisfied with, our services. Customer satisfaction is our number one objective.

Core Values

We’re committed to providing industry-leading products and services, and we will remain current in technology, equipment and industry knowledge.

We are committed to establishing a culture of trust between our team, our customers, and our suppliers.

We are committed to the safety of people and the environment.

We will be solutions driven and resolve problems.